Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

The upcoming book provides an introduction to the field of human-computer interaction. HCI is primarily a research-driven field. However, it focuses not only on scientific principles of interaction, but also on the very concrete goal of designing better computing systems. For this reason, while the starting point in this book is theoretical research that helps us understand interaction, we do not let design off the hook. The pragmatic aims of HCI cannot be overstated. Therefore, the chapters in this book acknowledge the many challenges that practitioners face and identify the solution principles that can be used to tackle them.


Part I: Introduction to HCI

Part II: Understanding People

Part III: User Research

Part IV: Interaction

Part V: User Interfaces

Part VI: Design

Part VII: Engineering

Part VII: Evaluation

Part VIII: Conclusion


Kasper Hornbæk, Per-Ola Kristensson, and Antti Oulasvirta. Upcoming 2023. Introduction to Human-computer Interaction. Oxford University Press.

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